The military tarpaulins produced by March have exceeded the remarkable requirements of the armed forces with regard to quality, durability and solidity. Given that the materials are used in extreme conditions, reliability is a point of strength of our military cloths which have been used for years in various military and security fields. All our military tarpaulins are made with original material, such as neoprene, approved by the Ministry of Defense, or any desired type of fabric. They can come in hunter green, police blue, polychromatic or even dappled.

Some examples:Tarpaulin VM 90T1 - T2 - (cab and chassis), also in police blue rubberized fabric - T3 (polychrome). Any type of tissue desired. The product can come in green, blue, polychromatic police or spotted.

Some examples:

- VM 90T1 - T2

- Tarpaulin (cab and chassis), also in blue police blanket - T3 (polychrome)

- 90.17 Tarpaulin

- Land Rover Defender Tarpaulin

- ACM 80-90 Tarpaulin

- Chassis Tarpaulin X 230 (ACP90)

- Astra chassis SM44.30 tarpaulin -

- Tanzania chassis tarpaulin etc.

March S.r.l.

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Fax +39/0471/970247

Informazioni ex art. 1, comma 125, della legge 4 agosto 2017 n. 124

Ai sensi dell'art. 1 c. 125 della L. 124/2017, si segnalano di seguito gli importi incassati nel 2019 relativi a sovvenzioni, contributi, incarichi retribuiti e comunque vantaggi economici di qualunque genere ricevuti dalle pubbliche amministrazioni e dai soggetti ad esse collegati:

- da Provincia autonoma di Bolzano ai sensi L.P. 13.12.2006 n.14,  progetto di innovazione di processo Euro 95.034,86 in data 26.02.2019
- da Provincia autonoma di Bolzano per il sostegno all’occupazione Euro 503,00 in data 16.08.2019

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